The Proxomitron

The Proxomitron 4.5

The Proxomitron is a web filter that makes your browsing easier

The Proxomitron is a web filter that makes your browsing more comfortable and secure.
Proxomitron 4.5 allows you to get rid of some annoyances that overcrowd your screen and use too much resources, like advertising content, undesired Java scripts or HTTP headers.

You can now control the way you look the pages by rewriting them on the fly, building filtering rules that will swap away that things you don´t want to see.

The program comes with a lot of rules, that you can edit, and you can make your own rules, or use rules written by someone else.

Proxomitron also allows you to control the hidden HTTP header messages and cookies.

The Proxomitron allows you to selectively disable specific JavaScript commands, stop windows that pop-up, pop-under, or pop-over, stop endless banner chains, stop pop-up JavaScript message boxes, remove web-branding and other scripts tacked on by "free" web providers.

It also converts most ads and banner pictures into simple text links, freezes all animated gifs, makes blinking text appear as bold instead, removes slow web counters and much more.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It gives you back the control of your browser. It´s free and has most rules included


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